Stop the Cycle of Family Separation

Family Promise of Hamilton County exists to help those in our community experiencing the crisis of homelessness. The factors causing homelessness are many and complex, but a recent report from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development confirms what we believe: Intact families are the foundation for personal success and stability. And while governmental efforts at addressing this family crisis are admirable and appreciated, they’re not enough to provide lasting change for these families.

Between 2010 and 2012, the Family Options Study commissioned by HUD studied 2282 homeless families in 12 different communities across the United States. The study found that three-fourths of families entering homeless shelters had children. Of those families one-third were experiencing some degree of separation during their crisis of homelessness. Children were staying with other parents, family and in some cases were in the foster care system, but the major factor was they were separated from their families.

The study goes on to show that families who experienced separation were two-thirds as likely to to experience continued housing instability and future incidents of separation as those families who remained unified during their crisis of homelessness.

That’s where Family Promise comes in.

The goal of Family Promise is two-fold: We desire to keep families together during this time of crisis. We believe, and the research bears out, that families who stay together during homelessness are far more likely to regain not only housing stability, but personal stability, resulting in a better chance for long-term success for both the parents and the children.

We aim to provide a stable atmosphere while families work on rectifying the underlying issues contributing to their housing crisis. What the congregations and families of FPoHC provide is not just shelter and sustenance. We allow families to stay united within their own communities so that once they get the educational or social service they need, they can transition successfully into permanent and sustained independent living with their families.

That’s why your support of Family Promise is so important. We’re not here to replace the governmental services that exist to help the homeless. We’re here to work alongside them and the other social service agencies. We, however, have the mission and the resources to provide families with children more than what the typical shelter can offer: unity, community, and most importantly, the love of Christ.

You can help FPoHC by volunteering, either through our member congregations or in other ways. Your donations are always welcome and help us carry out this vital mission.


The formula for overcoming the crisis of homelessness is simple: keep families together and provide the necessary support. Doing that is difficult, however. Help end the cycle of homelessness in our community and support Family Promise of Hamilton County.